Which Pets Are Good to Be Kept in Your Apartment


Most of the people around us are fond of keeping pets. Pets provide emotional benefits to people.  Most people believe that keeping pets in portland oregon apartments for rent is a bad option. They can be declared wrong in the sense that what matters the most in pet keeping is the type of pet you are keeping in your apartment with you. There are pets that can live happily and healthy within apartments. But before keeping a pet, make sure to confirm it from the landlord regarding policies for keeping pets. Different types of pets that can be kept in apartments have been listed in paragraphs below.

An ideal choice for pets to keep with you in Portland or apartments is fish. Space occupied by it is next to negligible. A small tank having fish and fresh water in it can best serve your purpose. Sometimes fish is not considered a pet in apartments’ rules and regulations. So even in apartments where pets are banned, fish can be kept. They have low maintenance cost. All you have to do is feeding them twice or thrice a day and changing water after few days. Fully active fish swimming in their tank is a treat to watch. And science also says watching fish swimming for 15-20 minutes can certainly bring your stress level down.

Another ideal choice for pets to be kept in Portland apartments is cat. Reason for it being an ideal choice is that it can live in every type of apartment. They are usually silent and are a treat to watch. They also have a low cost for keeping them in apartment. All you have to do is to feed them with a little milk or a piece of meat twice or thrice a day. Kittens can also be kept and sometimes they are much more eye pleasing than cats. Watching kittens play with each other can certainly divert your attention from matters that increase your stress level.

Dogs are also a great pet to keep in apartments. Some dogs are not suitable for keeping as pets in apartments. They can totally ruin your life with a lot of barking. But certain dogs are silent and do not bark often. They are happy, calm and relaxed. Their maintenance cost is a bit higher than cats and fish, but still they are quite affordable. They also require a bit more space than fish. They can prove to be men’s best friend.

Birds are an excellent pet for apartment living too. As in case of fish, they do not require a large space. A simple cage is all you need. Birds are a treat to watch. Interactive birds for the purpose of companionship and communication can be kept in apartments. Make sure to keep birds that do not make sound. Birds that can be kept in apartments include love birds, finches, etc.

Once you are done with finding apartments in Portland, small animals like rabbits can also be kept in them. They can be very affectionate. They hardly ever make noise which makes them good pets for apartment living. But you have to work around a way with your landlord to get permission for keeping them and a proper portion has to be designated to them as well.