Why Apartments Appeal to Seniors?

Apartments Appeal to Seniors

The trend of swapping from home to apartments is taking a major flight. Especially, senior citizens have started to shift in Portland OR apartments in large numbers. In the past, senior citizens felt comfortable living at home for as long as possible before finally shifting to old age homes. But today, the behavior of senior people is a lot different in this regard.  According to different surveys conducted, it has been found that the conversion rate from homes to apartments in case of senior citizens has increased to approximately 52%. Reasons for this rapid change in trends have been discussed in paragraphs below.

Senior citizens in today’s world consider themselves a lot healthier, mobile, engaged and energetic. They try to remain in work areas along with the youth considering themselves as an important part of the community. The word retirement doesn’t appeal them as they are never looking to close on the work. They are looking to learn new things along with holding on to new lifestyles. They are fond of active urban lives allowing access to nearby cafes, gyms, sports complex, grocery stores and many others. Portland Oregon apartments for rent are a wonderful place to fulfill all these desires. Apartments have a blend of people ranging from teenagers to adults. They all belong to different areas and are from different walks of life. This leads to a highly interactive and fascinating life for the seniors.

Rent is usually very less and affordable as compared to money that is needed to maintain homes. Limited area of Portland apartments saves a lot of time and energy required in maintaining and cleaning the apartment. Shared laundry, exercise rooms and common areas offer opportunities to connect socially and become part of a small community.

Living in apartments has turned out to be easily manageable for the senior citizens. Safety and security due to a serious fool proof security plan can provide a lot of relief to elder citizens. Easy access to public transport relieves them from the stress of having one’s own car and maintaining it well. Public library with vast collection of books provides facility of spending leisure time in it and reading books of their interest.

Finding people with common interests can be a great facility also. Senior citizens often want company from fellows and finding a person with common area of interest can be great. Sharing life stories with fellows and gathering on social events with friends can be a great facility for seniors.

Seniors find it fascinating to getting away from housekeeping chores and house maintenance. Living in apartment gives a chance to seniors to practice their hobbies and focus on their specific areas of interest. Education and free seminars for the well being of seniors are also conducted. Recreational activities in order to refresh and chill out the seniors are also a great feature in apartments.

Considering all these above mentioned facts, seniors are always ready for finding apartments in Portland and start living there. It is nothing less than a blessing for them!